Laundry Carts, Changers, Financing, Janitorial, Repairs, Security

Suppliers are made up of companies that compliment Distributors. Where a Distributors main focus is selling commercial laundry equipment such as washers and dryers, Coin Laundry Suppliers main focus is selling the ancillary equipment like laundry carts, changers, furniture, heaters, parts, payment systems and vending machines or providing a type service like advertising, brokerage, carpentry, financing, insurance, janitorial, repairs and security.

When it comes to the ancillary equipment that is sold to Coin Laundromats most Suppliers specialize in a specific type of equipment that they sell for example 1) Laundry Carts are specific type of cart that is used to carry loads of laundry from machine to machine at a Coin Laundry. 2) Changers needed to dispense coins to start machines. 3) Furniture is the folding tables which is used by Coin Laundry patrons to fold their clothes after they are dried and bulkheads which is the wall that washers are backed up to when being installed and where the plumbing is housed. 4) Heaters needed to supply hot water to the washing machines. 5) Parts for repairing broken machines. 6) Payment Systems including coin slides, money boxes and card systems 7) Vending Machines for drink, snack and soap sales. Suppliers also provide a service for Coin Laundries. Some of the services offered are 1) Advertising for grand openings or specials being promoted at a Coin Laundry. 2) Brokerage so if someone wants to get into the Coin Laundry industry has the ability to purchase one or the ability to sell their business. 3) Carpentry to build a new Coin Laundry facility or to remodel n existing store. 4) Financing a valuable source to help purchase equipment or to buy a store. 5) Insurance to protect your store in case of a fire or flood. 6) Janitorial to purchase supplies like soap, vending supplies and cleaning supplies. 7) Repairs to fix broken-down machines. 8) Security for coin laundromats including alarm and camera systems.

Taylor Houseman
Taylor Houseman delivers unsurpassed service, equipment and training to drycleaning plants, on-premise laundries, industrial laundries and vended laundries throughout Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area.
AlTimus Distributing
AlTimus Distributing Inc., is the leading industrial, commercial and coin equipment distributor in MT, Wyoming and Western ND for over 40 years.
  New York
Coin Drops
Vending Equipment
Vending Equipment
Vending Supplies
  New Jersey
Chemicals, Hangers, Bags, Detergent
  Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont
Vending Supplies
  New Jersey
Video Games
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