Coin Laundry Manufacturers

Speed Queen, Maytag, Electrolux, Dexter, Wascomat, Continental Girbau, ADC, Huebsch, Whirlpool

Manufacturers in the commercial/vended laundry industry are in the business of manufacturing washers and dryers that supply these three different laundry segments. 1. Coin Laundromats, 2. On Premise Laundry (OPL) and 3. Multi Housing Industry. The type of equipment that they produce for each one of these segments varies depending on the type of business you operate. Some of the more familiar names that are known manufacturers are Speed Queen, Maytag, Electrolux, Dexter, Wascomat, Continental-Girbau, Huebsch, Milnor and Whirlpool. Please view our directory of Manufacturers below.

Taylor Houseman
Taylor Houseman delivers unsurpassed service, equipment and training to drycleaning plants, on-premise laundries, industrial laundries and vended laundries throughout Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area.
Laundry Pass
The Laundry Pass is an ingenious laundry card system, designed to boost revenue and save time for laundromat owners.
Oasis Laundry
Wash Dry Fold. Open 24hrs. Drop Off or Pick Up Anytime. Tuesdays Free Detergent. Wednesdays Free Disposable Bag. Fully Attended.
Richard Jay Pty Ltd
Richard Jay is Australia's only nationally represented importer and supplier of Commercial and Industrial laundry solutions and remains a family owned company; established in 1969.
Huebsch, IPSO, Primus, Speed Queen, UniMac
American Changer
B&C Technologies
Continental Girbau
Electrolux, Wascomat
  New York
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The types of equipment used for these different segments are broken down accordingly.

1) Coin Laundromats use the largest variety of machines that are produced by manufacturers. All machines are vended which means they need a payment system or coins for them to operate. These machines include Top Load Washer (14 lbs.) which handle small loads of wash, Front Load Washers also known as Washer Extractors that start at 20 lbs. and go all the way up to 120 lbs. and they handle medium to extra-large loads of wash and Dryers better known as Tumblers in the laundry community which come in two different configurations single pocket Tumblers which start at 30 lbs. and go all the way up to 100 lbs. and Stack Tumblers which range from 30 lbs. x2 and go up to 50 lbs. x2.

2) OPL- They use the largest poundage range of machines produced by manufacturers. All machines are non-vended which means they don’t use a payment system or coins to operate. There are many types of businesses that fall under OPL line of business and they include hotels, motels, gyms and car washes. These businesses typically use Washer Extractors that range from 20 lbs.-400 lbs. of wash and Tumblers that range from 30 lbs.-250 lbs. of dry.

3) Multi Housing- This is the furnishing of equipment to apartment laundry rooms. This segment uses the smallest types of laundry equipment but is the largest segment that equipment is sold into. Typically, the washers used are either Top Loaders or Washer Extractors and Dryers that have a capacity of 22 lbs.

Manufacturers are in the business of manufacturing laundry equipment but they are not in the business of selling these machines direct to consumers. Instead they’ve set up a Laundry Distributor Network that sells equipment throughout the world. This Distributor Network sells to Coin Laundries, OPL facilities and Multi-Housing rooms. Manufacturers support these Distributors by providing field personnel, warranty parts, equipment training schools and call centers. is the Largest Website dedicated to the Laundry Industry! If you're company isn't in our Directory let us know and we'll add you. 

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